How does it work?

It is very easy! You only have to follow few steps.

Do you have a project and you need a freelancer?

- You create an account for FREE
- You post your project for FREE
- You wait for the freelancers to bid, and after finding the right specialist for you, you announce a winner.
- Discuss through our website the project development terms and the payment methods.
- Was the project finished? You offer feedback to the freelancer , helping him win easily more projects.

Important! If you consider none of the specialists who placed a bid is suited for your project, you can end it without awarding a winner.

Are you a freelancer in search for projects?

- You create an account for FREE
- You add to your virtual portfolio the description of your already finished projects
- You search for projects according to your field of expertise
- You place a bid and wait to see if you are chosen as winner (you can use the extra options to increase the visibility of your bid )
- Were you chosen as winner? You have 48 hours to confirm your interest in it , otherwise another freelancer will be chosen. (also you discuss the development terms and conditions and the payment method)
- Have you finished the project awarded? You can offer feedback to your client giving him a plus in finding other freelancers in the future.