Terms and conditions

HR PERFORMANCE SRL, with the office on Remus Macarie street no.5, Pitesti, registered with no. 24325573, email office@rolancer.com , welcomes you on the www.rolancer.com website!

Continuing on this website equals with your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, so we recommend you read it carefully.

By registering on this website, you agree that you are the only one responsible for the data safety of your user and password created.

Relations between the Clients (the ones who search for a freelancer) and Freelancers (those seeking for a project)

The agreement between the Clients and the Freelancers, including the sum bided, the time required for the development of the project, the payment terms and conditions and also other details related to the project, are made through our platform. The payment for the provided services is made outside our platform, by means chosen and established between the Clients and the Freelancers.

The Client is responsible for the administration, project receivable and payment of the services according to the terms and conditions agreed with the Freelancer.
The Freelancer is responsible with providing the services in time, according with the terms and conditions agreed with the Client.

The relation between www.rolancer.com and the users

Rolancer.com is not considered a 3rd party in the contracting or development of a project establish between a Client and a Freelancer.
Rolancer.com has no control and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the services promoted by a freelancer or his/her background.
Also , the website`s users agree that they work under the laws in action when it comes to payment of taxes for their income.

Complaints resolution

Rolancer.com does not solve complaints regarding the quality of the services provided or the Client`s debts.
Rolancer.com is allowed to temporarily or permanently suspend any account that violates the Terms and Conditions or any other procedure present on the website. Any account closing procedure will lead to deleting the user`s profile.
Regarding the copy writing rights, rolancer.com may publish the content it was uploaded by a certain user. This right ends if the material is taken out of the website by the user, which is totally responsible on the content posted.

Periodical changes

The entire content of this website is offered as it is, without offering any guarantee whatsoever.
The company reserves the right of modifying the content or the structure of the website without any further notice.
The company is permanently growing, updates the website, having the liberty of modifying the terms and conditions anytime. Therefore, we recommend the users to read the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis to be informed when something is eventually changed or upgraded. After the changes have been published on the website`s Terms and Conditions, they will be automatically implemented. The company can, anytime, suspend, delete or postpone and available function on the website, the services availability included, descriptions and presentations of any product or services.

Limited responsibility

Using this website means your total responsibility . HR Performance SRL or any other party involved in the development or offering the website are not responsible for direct or indirect damages , of any nature, which will result by using this website. HR Performance SRL is not responsible for any damage produces by any viruses which might infect you computer or any other goods by accessing or downloading any material on this website.
The company does not have any responsibility for covering any loss by any nature for any 3rd parties , which might result by copying the website by any other 3rd party , unauthorized by the company.

Users responsibility

The users / subscribers of the website accept that they will not use this website for publication or e-mail : any content which is harmful, dangerous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene , or constitute breach of confidentiality, express sexual discrimination, ethnic or otherwise, can cause harm in any way and can`t be transmitted as required by the law , who violates any patent, signatures, t intellectual property or other proprietary rights of third parties, contain software viruses, or other types of codes, files or programs carried out in order to interrupt, to damage, destroy the equipment operating computers, in any way violate the law and may affect in any way third parties, and any content used to collect or store personal data about other users.

Data privacy

Thorough our website , the users can provide to HR Performance SRL personal data (name, home address, email address, phone numbers), and can include also other information regarding the use of services or products required through website.

Any person accessing the website and offers data with a personal character , including the fill in the blank forms, gives the approval for the following:
- Data storage and processing , which helps HR Performance SRL to improve the relationship between parties.
- Data processing by HR Performance SRL for market research.
- Other activities according to the law , which don`t require a specific agreement on behalf of the user.
Accessing the website equals with the users approval on data processing in the purposes above mentioned . In case the user does not want HR Performance SRL to process the data in one of the purposes above mentioned, will send a notification to HR Performance justifying the reasons why he does not wish for that.
The personal data providers by accessing the website are protected by the rights and obligations stipulated in Law 677/2001, more precisely the right of access and intervention on the data provided .
HR Performance SRL certifies that it will respect the rights conferred by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, of Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce, and Ordinance no. 130/2000 on consumer protection.

Among these rights we mention :
- The right to ask HR Performance to confirm whether or not your personal data is processed, free of charge for once a year;
- The right to ask HR Performance SRL to correct, update, block or delete, free of charge, the provided data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001;
- The right to ask HR Performance SRL to stop, free of charge, the processing of personal data;
- The right to ask HR Performance SRL to stop sending promotional messages. Any such request / must be dated, signed and sent by the person registered in the database by e-mail at office@rolancer.com

Complaints and Disputes:

For any claim, the user must first contact the Customer Service of HR Performance SRL. Any dispute arising from the interpretation, application or fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions will be resolved amicably. The Terms & Conditions and all communications are in Romanian and English. If you did not settle the conflict amicably, it will be addressed to the competent court of the Arges county, where the company is based.