What is Rolancer?

Rolancer.com is a platform where freelancers find projects (companies or individuals who have a project or more) and agree the terms for contracting and delivering them.

Rolancer.com is not considered a 3rd party.

Rolancer.com is not considered a third party when contracting or developing a project. Rolancer.com has no control and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the services advertised by the freelancer, the truth or the accuracy of a project posted, the quality or the background of the members.

However, Rolancer.com can offer various information on the freelancers and on the project holders (feedbacks offered by the persons they have worked with in different projects), skills and portfolio.

Feedback proves how the contracted projects were completed (quality, promptness, reliability, etc.) . A freelancer or a buyer can be considered more trustful if the feedbacks are positive.

Responsibility and performance:

The project holders are responsible for the management, inspection, acceptance and payment for services provided by the freelancers.
The freelancers are responsible for the execution and performance level of the services provided.
The freelancers must use their own equipment and materials needed to finish the projects, or as discussed with project holders.

Why www.rolancer.com?

BENEFITS for those who post projects:

Our website gathers specialists in various fields of expertise who will bid with their portfolio on your project. You are the one who can propose a budget or you can let the others make you their offers. It is up to you to choose or set the best price-quality ratio. If none of the specialists interested in the project seems right, you can close the auction without announcing any winner .

BENEFITS for the freelancers (those seeking for a project):

You can search through a multitude of projects from different work fields, work from the comfort of your home or in the conditions specified by the customer. You can virtually upload any project in your portfolio and add a detailed description. You can simultaneously contract multiple projects and receive feedback for each of them. With positive feedbacks received, you will increase the chances of contracting more and more projects in the future.

Safety measures:

You can have a clear vision on a freelancer before you entrust a project.
You can see feedback on him from previous clients, his portfolio and references.
You choose the payment method outside the www.Rolancer.com website.

Important! www.Rolancer.com is a free website!

However, to increase your chances of winning projects or receive a large number of bids on your project, you can optimize your profile.
Both those who are seeking projects and those who post them, have a virtual wallet that can be charged via SMS payment, credit card or invoice. (Payments are made through a secure processor)

Freelancers can increase their chances of winning a project as follows:
When bidding on a project, you can be on the top of the list for 0.29 cents.

Project holders can optimize their profile as follows:
On the standard version, posting projects is for free.

Extra options:
Highlighting the project in the list with a background color - 0.19 cents;
Displaying the project among the first projects in a certain field of expertise - 0.99 cents;
Project title highlighted in the list - 0.19 cents;